Each room has a telephone, television, computer access point and an on-call alarm system.  There are quieter rooms for reading and chatting as well as a varied choice of regular living activities and entertainment.


A wide range of purposeful, recreational and social facilities are available, and transport is provided for residents when required. Social activities and interaction with local community groups are scheduled and encouraged. Cúil Dídin is a Sonas Accredited Centre.


The Oratory, provides an oasis of calm for prayer and contemplation and all services are transmitted to the rooms via the television and cabling system TV sets. We respect the individual beliefs of all those in our care.


All beliefs are respected and arrangements facilitated according to the wishes of the resident.  Should any Resident, Relative, Visitor, Friend or Employee of Cúil Dídin wish to receive specific Pastoral advice, this can be easily facilitated by discussion with our Pastoral Ministry. (Confidentiality applies at all times.)


Pastoral Ministry

Mission Statement – Caring for People

  • The uniqueness of each person

  • Respect for the individual

  • Commitment to caring

  • Effective communication

  • Standards of excellence