Cúil Dídin promotes the health, rehabilitation and well-being of all residents and is committed to promoting the concept of health promotion, activity, recreation and social interaction. Each resident at Cuil Didin is encouraged and facilitated to maintain Personal identity, Sense of Self, Independence and Autonomy within a Stimulating, Holistic and Active Environment facilitated by our full time Activity Co-Ordinator or the relevant personnel with specialist skills.


Healthy lifestyle choices and recreational activities are 'part and parcel' of how Cúil Dídin operates on a daily basis as well as facilitating social and community contacts.


Opportunities are provided for indoor and outdoor exercise and physical activity.


Links with and involvement of local community groups and/or volunteers in the residential care setting are encouraged and maintained in accordance with residents’ preferences.


Residents are:

  1. facilitated to receive visitors, and there are no restrictions on the times when visitors can attend. Residents are facilitated to receive visitors in private

  2. supported to stay with relatives /representatives outside of Cúil Dídin where appropriate

  3. encouraged to maintain contact with their family, friends, representatives and the local community according to their wishes

  4. provided with information to enable them to participate in health promotion activities

  5. assisted to enhance their personal space with personal effects to create a homely environment


All rooms are creatively designed in a manner that safely accommodates residents’ mobility, audio and visual needs. The design and layout encourages and aids independence including appropriate signage and use of colours.


Cúil Dídin provides safe areas for walking and has regularly spaced seating areas and areas of interest and diversion. There is ample provision of light, tranquillity and themes throughout enhanced by the use of appropriate colours and furnishings.


Activity Listing:

  • Caring for our dog “Sally”

  • Hen keeping for our in house poultry farm

  • Gardening with the Cúil Dídin landscapers

  • Daily Rosary and other pastoral activities

  • Mini Gym – twice daily/ and as required

  • Music and dance twice weekly

  • 11-12 Club for knitting, cookery, gardening, crafts, greeting cards, decorations, expression activities etc.

  • Art – twice weekly sessions are available for those who have an interest or who wish to learn

  • Beautician, Chiropody, Podiatry, Aromatherapy & Reiki

Other Activities scheduled are:

  • Summer Fest, Pet Mania, Fashion Show, Shopping, Outings to Restaurant and Local Hostelry, barbeques, concerts, drama, Siamsa Tire, Farmyard Day, Afternoon Tea dances, Massage Therapy, Fundraising for local/national campaign, Family parties and special family occasions etc

For mobility, confidence and group interaction:

  • Sonas and reminiscence therapy

  • Activity in Care Techniques

  • Fit for Life – “Walk & Talk”, “Move it or lose it”

  • Poetry reading, hymn singing and history sessions

  • Newspaper and book reviews - Speaker’s Corner

  • Students – Cúil Dídin welcomes students from all the local education facilities to join us for work experience and interaction

  • The activities schedule is forever evolving and expanding – Cúil Dídin attempt to facilitate all possibilities within reason